Beginning in 2009, after the recession that shook the world economy, net migration between Mexico and the United States slowed to about zero: the number of Mexicans or people of Mexican descent returning to Mexico is practically equal to the number who decide to emigrate.

According to the INEGI National Survey of Demographic Dynamics (ENADID), between 2009 and 2014, about 1 million Mexicans and their families returned to Mexico from the U.S.

Given this context, the Mexican government launched a program to help Mexicans returning to Mexico, providing them with comprehensive support so that they can become part of and contribute to national development. Now our returning fellow Mexicans are better able to enter the job market in Mexico with better conditions and alternatives.

The Foreign Ministry’s role in ensuring their productive reintegration includes:

  • Preventive guidance related to the various repatriation scenarios or related to the intent to return (workshops, courses and informative guidelines).
  • Providing information in the U.S. about the program, how it works and the benefits to which our fellow citizens have access.
  • Assistance and protection during repatriation from the time the first contact is made with our consular network.
  • Counseling and support in the United States for the families of Mexicans who have been repatriated.
  • Cooperation, monitoring and evaluation of the social reinsertion programs.
  • Reports on the results of the strategy (consular network and strategic partners in the U.S.).