Tamales are made of a corn dough that is filled with various ingredients and wrapped and steamed in corn husks or banana leaves. They are very popular in coastal areas. They can also be wrapped in the leaves of other plants such as reeds, chilaca chili pepper leaves and papatla leaves.

Some of the most popular types of tamales are the green ones (with green tomatillo sauce and pork); mole sauce with turkey; and dessert tamales made with raisins or sweet corn. There are also tamales with slices of poblano or jalapeño chilis with cheese.

The ingredients of Mexican tamales are different in every region.


Tlaconextamalli or tamales prepared with ash are very popular. Tamales with huazontle seed (a native Mexican herb) for Easter and anise tamales for Day of the Dead offerings.


Tamales with beans and slices of chili; pineapple with eggnog; pine nuts and candied cactus; and sweet peanut tamales are the best known.

Baja California

The Güemes tamales have pork and chicken, olives, raisins and olive oil.


The tamales here can have guajillo chili sauce, annatto, tomato, garlic, onion and spices; in addition to the corn dough and pork, the filling includes olives, capers, raisins and almonds.


On the Mexican coasts, carrot and potato are added to the tamales, in addition to peas, peppers and boiled egg.

Coahuila and the northern states

The tamales here are small and wrapped in corn husks. They are filled with shredded meat and sauce made of dried chilis.

The Lagoon Region

Tamales here often have spinach.


Rice and pork ribs