The North American Leaders’ Summit (#CLAN2016), the most important high-level trilateral meeting, was held on June 29. Presidents Enrique Peña Nieto and Barack Obama and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau discussed the region’s priorities and agreed on goals and lines of action. In addition, trilateral cooperation on competitiveness will be strengthened through the North American Competitiveness Work Plan (NACW), which will align the standards of the three countries in order to facilitate and improve the region’s competitiveness.

The North American Leaders' Summit 2016 has met periodically since 2007; this is the eighth meeting to be held under the current format. The last summit was held in Toluca in 2014.

This year, the leaders set new guidelines for four main pillars of cooperation, which are:

1) Climate change, clean energy and environment

2) Trade and border competitiveness

3) Security and defense

4) Cooperation on regional and global affairs

The region’s economic integration has led to better integration of production chains, which has led, in turn, to a production-sharing paradigm, so that not only do we trade together but we also build together.

The North American countries have an accumulated direct investment in Mexico of 221.8 billion dollars, or 52.1% of the total foreign direct investment that entered Mexico during that period.