The Foreign Secretary appeared before the Senate today to present the Foreign Ministry’s annual report.

She said that foreign policy is a wide-ranging topic with multiple fronts that is constructed every day with the effort, commitment and love for Mexico brought by all from their respective fields: in its design, analysis and implementation.

During the 2015 – 2016 period, Mexican diplomacy has been guided by four strategic areas of focus:

  1. Diversification of our political and trade relations with non-traditional partners while cultivating strategic ties with our historic allies.
  2. Continued vigorous and proactive multilateral activism in order to remain a country that influences the design of global agreements, and not one that must play by rules written by others. 
  3. The promotion of free trade and the integration processes that are key for our national development as an export-oriented country, whose foreign trade represents 63% of our GDP.
  4. The protection and empowerment of our communities abroad. As instructed by President Peña Nieto, Mexico ensures the welfare of all Mexicans, regardless of where they live. This is an on-going and essential priority for the federal government.

You can see the Foreign Secretary’s opening statement to the Senate here (in Spanish).