The Secretaries of Foreign Affairs, Claudia Ruiz Massieu; Energy, Joaquín Coldwell; and Economy, Ildefonso Guajardo; and government spokesman Eduardo Sánchez gave a press conference in Los Pinos to discuss the trip. 

The purpose of the tour is to strengthen Mexico's bilateral relations with these countries, promote economic cooperation and exchanges with the Arabian Peninsula, attract new investment and deepen the political dialogue. At the press conference, the foreign secretary also said that the “bilateral legal framework would be enhanced in each case to provide a solid foundation that gives certainty to Mexican investments in these countries and investment from these countries in Mexico."

These four countries have a geostrategic importance: they have a population of nearly 50 million people and important energy resources. They produce a third of the world's oil, account for 65% of proven oil reserves and 40% of natural gas reserves in the world. They also have some of the largest sovereign funds in the world with enormous economic and cooperation potential for Mexico.

This historic tour will give an unprecedented boost to Mexico's relationship with the region. It is the first State visit by a Mexican president to the United Arab Emirates and Qatar; and the first State visit in more than 40 years to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Fifty-two bilateral instruments will be signed in areas such as trade and economy; education, culture, science and technology; sports and tourism. The trip will also open new horizons for Mexico in the energy sector.

FOTO 2 Secretario de Econom a  Ildefonso Guajardo  Canciller Claudia Ruiz Massieu  Vocero Eduardo S nchez  y el Secretario de Energ a  Pedro Joaqu n Coldwell.JPG