The federal government promotes innovative schemes so that Mexican emigrants can have access to loans, build a credit history in Mexico and buy a home, with absolute control over the type and location of the residence they wish to build.

Starting in 2016, the IME, SEDATU and CONAVI will promote the "Build in your Homeland" program to help Mexicans living in the United States to build homes in Mexico.

The program is open to the Mexican community in Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Houston, San Bernardino, Fresno, Phoenix, San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Ana, El Paso, Denver, Atlanta, San Jose, New York and Raleigh.

Foreign Secretary Ruiz Massieu presented the program this Friday in Arizona. She was accompanied by Rosario Robles, Secretary of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (SEDATU), and Eunice Rendon, head of the Institute of Mexicans Abroad (IME). A SRE-SEDATU-CONAVI agreement was signed in order to meet this demand of the Mexican community abroad.