The Foreign Ministry states that the Mexican government does not recognize the results of today's election of the members of the National Constituent Assembly in Venezuela and regrets that the Venezuelan government decided to hold elections that go against universally-recognized democratic principles, that do not respect the Constitution and that deepen the country's crisis.

The actions taken throughout the day, which sowed fear among the population, prevented peaceful protests and hindered the work of the press, reflect the level of intolerance that exists throughout the country. 

The Mexican government also condemns the violence and repression that led to injuries and the loss of more Venezuelan lives. Moving forward with the constituent assembly means prolonging the conflict.  It is time to turn to dialogue and reconciliation. With full respect for the sovereignty of Venezuela, Mexico urges all of the parties to engage in a genuine dialogue with guarantees that enables the Venezuelan people to restore democratic order and return to the path of development and the rule of law