Claudia Ruiz Massieu, The Globe and Mail (Canada)

This forum provides a framework in which to reiterate Mexico’s strong commitment to working with Canada and the United States in the construction of a more prosperous and competitive region.

Since I took office five months ago, one of my main priorities has been to strengthen and consolidate the regional and bilateral agenda Mexico has with the United States and Canada. There are few issues that aren’t better addressed than through a North American perspective. We do better when we work together.

Now more than ever, leaders in North America need to be more committed to achieving greater economic integration. This integration can and should be achieved by increasing our regulatory co-operation and facilitating trade between our countries through improved transportation links and efficient infrastructure.

North American leaders are aware that this economic integration has to be accompanied not only by trade facilitation, but also by greater people mobility. This is why we are working tirelessly to launch a common North American Trusted Traveller Program, which will speed up the movement of tourists and business executives between our three countries. We are discussing new ideas on how to expand educational, scientific, innovation and entrepreneurship co-operation, and link training to required work skills to improve work-force development. We must ensure that the more than 470-million people living in North America have access to better opportunities.

Mexico, Canada and the United States are three of the largest energy producers in the world. We have the potential to leverage our position as a global energy powerhouse. Energy reform enacted in Mexico under the administration of President Enrique Pena Nieto now allows Canadian and U.S. partners to invest and participate fully in the Mexican energy market.

This vision of North America as the leading global energy powerhouse comes with responsibility. Our countries are committed to ensuring environmental sustainability for future generations. At the Paris Conference in December, we made it clear that we share a sense of urgency to address climate change. In this regard, we have all taken important steps and submitted our Intended Nationally Determined Contributions. We have the opportunity to place our region as a leader toward low-carbon development.

A more prosperous North America goes hand in hand with greater responsibility with other countries in the hemisphere. During this summit, we will explore innovative ideas to promote economic development and well-being in Central America and the Caribbean. Mexico is convinced that a new regional approach can have a positive and multiplying effect for countries receiving assistance.

The North American agenda is broad and ambitious. Our joint efforts have a direct impact on the lives and well-being of our peoples. As Minister of Foreign Affairs, I will strongly pursue Mexico’s vision of a more competitive, dynamic and integrated North America, a vision we all share and long for. One that can bring about a new era of prosperity for our region.

FOTO 5 Canciller Claudia Ruiz Massieu en la sesi n de trabajo trilateral con las delegaciones de Canad  y Estados Unidos  en Quebecjpg
FOTO 4 Canciller Claudia Ruiz Massieu en la sesi n de trabajo trilateral con las delegaciones de Canad  y Estados Unidos  en Quebecjpg
FOTO 3 Canciller Claudia Ruiz Massieu con el Ministro de Asuntos Globales de Canad   St phan Dionjpg
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