The Mexico-Argentina bilateral relationship has always been based on a fluid political dialogue, a broad range of economic exchanges, increasingly closer cooperation and strong cultural ties.

The ties between Mexico and Argentina have their roots in the early years of independence for both countries. These ties have been strengthened over the years with gestures of friendship and solidarity that are constantly being reinforced in order to achieve the full development of both nations.

In this context, Mauricio Macri’s inauguration as president of Argentina represents a new opportunity to deepen the strong ties of friendship between our peoples. Argentina is a strong democracy on the continent that is today living through times of change.

On behalf of President Enrique Peña Nieto, Foreign Secretary Claudia Ruiz Massieu attended the inauguration of Mauricio Macri as president of Argentina, conveying the greetings and congratulations of the Mexican president and reiterating the importance that Mexico attaches to the bilateral relationship with Argentina.