In the First Session of the Mexico-Canada High Level Dialogue (HLD), the foreign ministers of Mexico and Canada reviewed the efforts to expand bilateral cooperation.

During President Peña Nieto’s last State visit to Canada the Mexican and Canadian governments affirmed the importance of a renewed strategic partnership based on the fundamental values of democracy, respect for human rights, diversity, inclusion, gender equality, the rights of indigenous peoples, good governance and the rule of law, and on improving economic opportunities and respect for our shared environment.

Mexico and Canada each rank third among each other’s trading partners and their bilateral trade in goods exceeded USD 37.8 billion in 2015. In that same year, Canadian direct investment in Mexico totaled more than USD 14.8 billion, while direct Mexican investment in Canada amounted to USD 1.4 billion.

Nearly 2 million Canadians travel to Mexico each year for business or tourism, and recently, the number of Mexicans visiting Canada has increased. According to the Canadian Tourism Commission, more than 200,000 Mexicans vacationed in Canada during 2015.

Each year, about 20,000 Mexican agricultural workers go to Canada as part of the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program, which is often mentioned as a model agreement for international labor mobility. Mexico also ranks tenth among the countries with foreign students in Canada: there were more than 5,000 Mexican students there in 2015.