Foreign Secretary Claudia Ruiz Massieu inaugurated the 27th annual meeting of Mexican ambassadors and consuls. This meeting is held to bring together the heads of Mexico’s diplomatic offices abroad to discuss what was accomplished in the previous twelve months and to outline the work of the coming twelve months.

During the inauguration, Foreign Secretary Ruiz Massieu, accompanied by the Foreign Ministry’s senior officials, highlighted the five foreign policy priorities for 2016:

1. Make migrants a focal point of our actions, as individuals with rights and catalysts and facilitators of development.

2. Consolidate our strategic partnerships, identify synergies with potential new partners and continue building trust in recently renewed dialogues.

3. Promote democracy and full respect for human rights in a coherent and committed manner.

4. Use the new commercial platforms to start and resume foreign policy and global talks with the actors that are shaping the new international balance of power.

5. The struggle for gender equality, globally and at home, to contribute to the advancement and empowerment of women.

These are the commitments that will guide Mexico’s foreign policy this year and that will enhance our ability to make progress with our country’s best causes.