The Foreign Ministry will take the following steps through its embassy and 50 consulates:

1. Inform people about the Information and Assistance Center for Mexicans (CIAM). Individuals requiring assistance, information and consular protection from the Mexican government should call the toll free phone number in the United States: 1 855 463 6395. 

2. Establish a 1-800 hotline available 24/7 to report incidents and answer questions about immigration measures.  

3. Encourage the Mexican community to use the free MiConsulmex mobile app. This app provides important immigration information and contact information for the consulates and providers of immigration services.  

4. Increase the presence of mobile consulates and consulates on wheels, to provide comprehensive protection and documentation services to a greater number of people in their communities.

5. In order to encourage all Mexicans to obtain official identification documents, the number of appointments for consular IDs, passports and birth certificates will be increased.

6. Boost the registration and issuance of birth certificates to the children of Mexican nationals born in the U.S.

7. Extend the business hours of the consulates’ protection departments in order to expand the number of cases handled.

8. Speed ​​up the opening of Financial Advisory modules and strengthen the banking campaign within the consulates.

9. Strengthen the dialogue with state and local authorities, with the understanding that local policies largely determine the course of the daily lives of Mexicans in the U.S.  

10. Strengthen the relationship with civil rights organizations.

11. Urge communities to avoid any conflict and to avoid taking actions that could lead to administrative or criminal penalties.