While in Los Angeles, Foreign Secretary Ruiz Massieu met with Mexican students who are either undocumented, part of the DACA program or IME scholarship recipients. The meeting was held in a place of special significance that houses the largest mural done by Raúl Anguiano.

The DREAMers program creates ties between youths of Mexican descent living in the United States with Mexico, in order to empower them by giving them a sense of identity and renewed pride in their cultural heritage.  The IME Scholarships, created in 2005, increases the level of education of Mexicans abroad by focusing on adult and higher education.



Currently, 80% of the resources are used to award scholarships to students for higher education and 30% are for students at community centers. Over the eleven years the program has been in operation, over 68,000 Mexican students have benefited, and over 1,081 institutions and individuals have partnered with the program.

The Mexican government has allocated more than 150 million pesos in scholarships for Mexicans in the United States under this program.

The Los Angeles Consulate has participated in the IME Scholarship program since 2005.