The SEP-Bécalos-Santander Universities Mobility Program is managed jointly by the Foreign Ministry, the U.S. Embassy, the Mexican Education Ministry, Televisa Foundation and the Santander Universities program.

The scholarships are for one semester (four months), during which time the students study courses related to their specializations in the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics. They also improve their English language skills through intensive instruction and practice in reading, writing and conversation.

In 2014, 300 Mexican students from bilingual technological universities received scholarships. In 2015, 230 students were selected from 11 bilingual technological and polytechnic universities.

This year, a total of 500 international mobility scholarships were awarded (250 for U.S. schools and 250 for Canadian colleges). The stays will last up to 21 weeks and will take place between August and December 2016.

The number of scholarships granted this year was 120 percent higher than in 2015.

For more information, see the rules here