More than 500 women and men from Mexico, the United States, Latin America and Europe will meet for the first time to discuss how to ensure the inclusion of women at the same level as men in the opportunities created by the structural reforms that have taken place in the Mexican economy; particularly in the sectors of energy, finance and telecommunications.

Some of the topics to be addressed at the plenary sessions and discussion groups are:

  • Women’s status in today’s Mexico
  • Improving women’s access to new opportunities
  • Enabling women to become entrepreneurs
  • Women in Politics
  • Advancing Mexico in the tech economy
  • The rise of B Corps: The case for business for profit and social impact
  • Violence against women
  • Improving the health of women in Mexico and Latin America

In her remarks, Foreign Secretary Ruiz Massieu said that empowering women will benefit all of society, because "if women do well, then everyone does well.” She also said that, while there has been progress, there are still gaps between men and women that need to be closed at a faster rate, such as the wage gap that will take 180 years to disappear, according to estimates.

Among those participating in the Forum are Lorena Cruz, Patricia Mercado, Luis Rubio, Eufrosina Cruz, Carlos Slim, Alexandra Zapata, Tatiana Bilbao, Sabina Berman, Bárbara Anderson and Ana Güezmes.

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