The Foreign Secretary met with key congressional leaders. She met with the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, a Republican congressman from Wisconsin. At their meeting, both officials agreed that Mexico has historically had good relations with the major political parties in the United States and with their Congressional leaders and representatives.

The Foreign Secretary reiterated that the Mexican government would continue this tradition. She also met with Senator Ben Cardin (Democrat), with whom she discussed the bilateral relationship and regional foreign policy. At both meetings, the Foreign Secretary stressed the importance of the North American Free Trade Agreement and its benefits for both countries.

The Foreign Secretary also met with the National Security Adviser, Ambassador Susan Rice. They discussed key bilateral issues, in addition to competitiveness, security and migration. They stressed the importance of further strengthening bilateral cooperation to address common challenges from a comprehensive perspective of shared responsibility.

Foreign Secretary Ruiz Massieu headed the meeting of the Mexican Civil Rights Advisory Group (MCRAG). She and representatives of the main civil rights organizations discussed ways to cooperate on the defense of the Mexican community in the United States. They also reiterated their commitment to using all available resources to prevent the rights of our citizens, regardless of their immigration status, from being infringed upon.

Lastly, the Foreign Secretary met with members of the Heritage Foundation, an influential research center on public policy, where she discussed the importance of the bilateral relationship as related to competitiveness, economic development and trade. She also talked about current migration trends and emphasized that net migration between Mexico and the United States is zero.