Foreign Secretary Claudia Ruiz Massieu presented 4 new aspects of the “Come and Eat” program abroad as part of the Policy to Promote National Cuisine:

1. The Diplomatic Chef Corps: a network of prominent Mexican cooks from different regions of the country who will serve as culinary ambassadors. They, together with Mexico’s embassies and consulates, will promote the wealth and variety of our cuisine and highlight its value as world heritage.

2. A "Come and Eat" logo for restaurants and stores that offer emblematic Mexican dishes that promote the value of the nation’s cuisine.

3. A Young Talents Program: graduates from the best culinary schools in Mexico will do one-year internships in 12 embassies and consulates as local employees.

4. Food pairings with Mexican wines: The Mexican wine industry is an engine of development. National wines will be served at events hosted by Mexico’s representations abroad.

Mexico’s embassies and consulates will be part of the Foreign Ministry’s efforts to share and communicate abroad the wealth of our culture by highlighting Mexican cuisine and making use of the “Come and Eat” program.