As part of its mission to preserve and raise awareness of the Foreign Ministry’s history, the evolution of our foreign policy and the wealth of documents contained in the Foreign Ministry’s Archives of Diplomatic History, the Ministry announces its “Pocket Museum” program: beginning in February 2016, there will be a different exhibit every month in the lobby of the Tlatelolco Tower at Plaza Juárez 20.

There will be exhibits on the bilateral relationship between Mexico and the Holy See; United Nations Peacekeeping Operations; diplomatic ceremonies; the history of the Mexican Foreign Service; Nobel Peace Prize winner Alfonso García Robles; the bilateral relationship between Mexico and Germany, as part of the Dual Year between the two countries; the tools of secret diplomacy; and other exhibits, including geographic regions and areas of interest to the Foreign Ministry.

The Foreign Ministry’s Archives of Diplomatic History contain 18 linear kilometers of historical documents on our foreign policy; more than 10,000 international treaties signed by Mexico; a specialized collection made up of over 170,000 volumes; a restoration department; a photo library with thousands of photographs of our diplomatic history; and more.

Source of information: Directorate General of the Archives of Diplomatic History

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