Migration is one of the most important global issues of the 21st century. As a responsible actor and as a country of origin, transit, destination and return, Mexico must take a comprehensive and multidimensional approach to facing this challenge.

Today more than ever, Mexico is taking responsibility and working to build a vision that is both global and regional, and based on human rights, shared responsibility and an appreciation for the contributions of people who leave their hometowns to seek new opportunities. This is the context within which the Open Door Program was created.

The Open Door Program is a one-stop source for migrants to provide them with a friendly, productive and beneficial return to Mexico. It will also benefit their communities in Mexico. Through the program, the Foreign Ministry will link the consular network with its delegations to ensure that each migrant and their family receive effective and coordinated assistance.

In a second stage, the Foreign Ministry hopes to include various government agencies in the program to provide multidimensional attention that involves access to job, educational, health and housing programs.