Pre‐Feasibility Study For Establishing A Carbon Capture Pilot Plant In Mexico

Collaboration World Bank – Energy Secretariat 

Secretaría de Energía | June 22, 2016

A critical and integral part of the Mexican CCUS Roadmap is the design, construction and operation of a CO2 capture pilot capture plant, which will demonstrate the potential and feasibility of CO2 capture of a Natural gas combined cycle plant (NGCC).

The prefeasibility study is focused on evaluating and recommending the most appropriate capture technologies that are commercially available for a process of post-combustion for the development of a capture pilot plant in the combined cycle Poza Rica, Veracruz, which belongs to CFE.

The conceptual design of the pilot plant was developed with sufficient detail of the processes in order to provide the basis for the design and engineering of the plant that will be built in a second phase of said project.

This study is part of the collaborative activities between the World Bank and the Government of Mexico to support the development and deployment of the CCUS technology in the country



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