According to the activities that constitute the roadmap for CCUS in Mexico, this study was developed with the aim of providing a detailed assessment of the current regulatory framework in Mexico and identifying the necessary adjustments for the implementation of CCUS projects, especially in view of the recent changes on energy policy in the country.

The detailed analysis of the regulatory issues of this report, provide the basis for the Government of Mexico to develop and adapt the current regulatory framework for each key stage in CCUS projects. The report includes recommendations for the application of modifications and adjustments to the legal framework that support the deployment of activities related to the projects.

A regulatory framework for CCUS activities should cover the entire process chain, many of which are totally different but closely connected, which requires a comprehensive approach. However some processes in the CCUS chain are very similar to existing activities whose regulations can be extended to cover these projects; other aspects are completely new to the Mexican regulations, therefore they will have to be developed.

This study is part of the collaborative activities between the World Bank and the Government of Mexico to support the development and deployment of the CCUS technology in the country.