The Ministry of Energy has submitted the Public Policy on Minimum Stocks of Oil Products to the Federal Commission for Regulation Improvement (COFEMER) for public consultation.

The Public Policy on Minimum Stocks of Oil Products establishes the obligation of maintaining minimum inventories of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel in all regions of the country, triggering an increase in investment, economic growth and employment.

Through such Public Policy, the volumes of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel stored in the country will be boosted to a level that will preserve the fuel supply to the population, even in the case of major and unpredictable disruptions in the production and distribution of these products.

Starting January 1st, 2020, the minimum required stocks will be equivalent to 5 days of sales for each of the following products: gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. By 2022, the minimum required stocks will amount to 8 or 9 days of sales, depending on the region, and to 9 or 10 days of sales as a quarterly average.

By 2025, the minimum required stocks will range from 10 to 13 days of sales, and between 12 and 15 days as a quarterly average. This Public Policy will be applicable to traders and distributors supplying oil products to service stations and final users throughout the country.

Minimum stocks will only be employed when the Coordinating Council for the Energy Sector (CCSE) issues a supply emergency declaration.

Starting on April 2018, the Public Policy also enforces a weekly information requirement under regular supply conditions, and daily under emergency conditions. This requirement applies to the different permit holders along the oil products value chain.

Using the information provided by the aforementioned reports, the Ministry of Energy will publish consolidated weekly statistics on the supply and demand of the main oil products that are traded in the country, with the purpose of contributing to the energy security of all regions of Mexico by offering signals of excess or lack of supply which are necessary for price formation in a free-market framework.

The document on Public Policy on Minimum Stocks of Oil Products is currently under public consultation at COFEMER (Federal Regulatory Commission for Regulation Improvement), and is available at the following link: