The rationale behind this colorful festival was to rescue and preserve the traditions of the Day of the Dead and to pay homage to one of Mexico’s greatest artists - José Guadalupe Posada – who is internationally-acclaimed for his engravings and illustrations, and was born in Aguascalientes. Posada created the “Calavera Garbancera” (the Chick-pea Vendor Skeleton) who was later dubbed “La Catrina” by Diego Rivera. Every year she hosts and adorns the Calaveras Festival and is an international symbol of Mexico’s festive approach to death.

We invite you to experience the Calaveras Festival at the Isla San Marcos where you can enjoy the magic, beauty and mysticism of the occasion. Revel in performance art that brings to life the characters created by José Guadalupe Posada.

Live the festival to its fullest by enjoying handicraft exhibits, treating your taste-buds to delicious local cuisine, getting into the groove of local music at concerts and checking out the streets of this historic city on the theme-based streetcar tours. There are also plenty of events to enjoy and plenty of pavilions with activities organized just for you. Don’t forget to try the delicious bread, made especially for the Day of the Dead.

Also, don’t miss the fabulous traditional Calaveras Parade, whose themes change and evolve every year. The troupes and allegorical floats pass along Madero Avenue, one of the major thoroughfares in the historic downtown area.

Once you’ve seen the Festival you’ll want to come back every year to relive this unique experience which will evoke very special memories of the Day of the Dead.Music, theater, culture, fun, tradition and entertainment await you in Aguascalientes. Come and live the Calaveras Festival!

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