Enrique Jacob Rocha, President of The National Institute of the Entrepreneur (INADEM, by its initials in Spanish), attended the inauguration of the sixth edition of Campus Party Mexico, in Zapopan, Jalisco, who was led by the governor of the state, Jorge Aristóteles Sandoval, and the Rector of the University of Guadalajara (UDG), Itzcóatl Tonatiuh Bravo Padilla.

In the event, Jacob Rocha said the Campus Party Mexico 2015 is one of the more important meetings of technology, innovation and social entrepreneurship in the country and its growth reflects the relevance of this important sector.

He stressed that young Mexicans gathered at this event are those who have positioned Mexico as one of the countries with the greatest worldwide entrepreneur potential.

He added that "in this edition of Campus Party we will provide comprehensive care, including the Support Network for the Entrepreneur, conceived in order to link the participants with all the support programs that will help to consolidate them".

He said that the INADEM offers to them the "Generator of Ideas" to develop their business models, as well as a "Maker Space”, which was created for those entrepreneurs who want to build their prototype, led by specialists in the world of innovation.

The President of INADEM announced that, within the activities of Campus Party Mexico 2015, the award ceremony of the winners of the five challenges released together with various agencies will be held. "With the support of the INADEM, the finalists of these challenges could attend the event and they will receive expert advice during these days", he said.

As part of the event, Jacob Rocha carried out various activities, among which are the overall presentation of the MIT City Farm project, which seeks, in collaboration with the INADEM, to develop urban farming systems of high performance through new technologies and build new ventures of systems that can be suitable for the environment.

He also met with the Coordinator Council of Entrepreneurial, Technology and Innovative Communities in the state of Jalisco, Meetroopers, to work on a joint strategy to include the creation of models of communities nationwide and that expand those models and resources to apply them in different initiatives in order to promote the ecosystem of high-impact entrepreneurship in the country, and with Social Valley, to join efforts for supporting the social entrepreneurship.