The Secretary of Economy, Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, will make a working visit next March 23 and 24 in Paris, France, to participate in a series of meetings to mark the economic promotion and the boost of the investment in Mexico.

As part of his working trip, the Secretary will initiate meetings with representatives of private companies in the transport (Renault, Airbus and Safran) and pharmaceutical (Sanofi Pasteur Global) sectors, in order to promote and encourage investment projects in Mexico and encourage the collaboration for the development of supply chains between the two countries.

The "Mexico Business Summit", organized by The Economist magazine, will be opened by the Secretary Guajardo Villarreal. The event will be attended by business leaders, mainly in the energy sector, telecommunications and manufacturing, where the Secretary will speak on Structural Reforms adopted in Mexico and its impact on the economy of our country.

The Secretary Guajardo will meet with Pierre Gattaz, Chairman of the Mouvement des Entreprises de France (MEDEF), employers' organization that brings together around 750,000 companies. Issues of cooperation between the MEDEF and COPARMEX (in the preparation of the Economic Forum in Mexico-France within the framework of the visit of President Enrique Peña Nieto to France next July) will be treated at this meeting.