The Secretary of Economy, Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, representing the President of the Republic, Enrique Peña Nieto, attended the opening of the edition 187 of the San Marcos Fair (Feria de San Marcos) in the city of Aguascalientes; he also attended the opening and award ceremony of the XXXV National Meeting of Young Art.

There were present during both events the governor of Aguascalientes, Carlos Lozano de la Torre; and the Governor of Querétaro, José Calzada; the latter as a State guest in the Edition of the San Marcos Fair.

Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal said that “Only the people who are able to have strong traditions, of being able to identify themselves with their roots and its culture are able to project themselves with strength into the future”.

He said that Aguascalientes is one of the most important places in the global automotive industry; so he said, "just being aware of our roots, of our origin and who we are, we can design a future of prosperity and this State has done it beyond expectation”.

The Secretary of Economy congratulated everyone involved in the development of the San Marcos Fair "for being the pride of Mexico, not only in culture and folklore, but in the development and prestige of the national economy".

For his part, Governor of Aguascalientes, Carlos Lozano de la Torre, said that, "We should be very proud of the San Marcos Fair preserve the essential values of society and that is the great promoter of unity, solidarity and the collaboration of all Mexicans".

Also, the Governor of Querétaro, José Calzada Rovirosa, stressed that coordination with the authorities of Aguascalientes to install a pavilion for the purpose of showing to the more than 9 million people visiting the San Marcos Fair, the progresses Querétaro has, and that they certainly are achievements for Mexico.

Making their way through the facilities of the Fair, the State governors and the Secretary of Economy, presided at the headquarters of the House of Culture of Aguascalientes, the inauguration and awards ceremony of the National Encounter of Youth Art and they visited the exhibition hall with the winner works.

Subsequently, they made some visits to various areas of the Fair, which included the Eastern Gate of the Garden of San Marcos; the so-called "Tapanco" for Senior citizens, the House of the Artisan; the spaces dedicated to the state of Querétaro; and the DIF (The Integral Development of the Family, a governmental agency, by its initials in Spanish) of Aguascalientes.

The Secretary of Economy was accompanied by the General Coordinator of Delegations of the Secretary of Economy, Jorge Cantú Valderrama, and by Otto Granados. Chief of the Secretary of Economy in the state.