During a working tour in Tlaxcala, the Secretary of Economy, Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, and the governor of the state, Mariano González Zarur, attended the opening of four companies engaged in the manufacture of natural colorants and additives for the food industry, production of cheeses, textiles for making chairs for buses, cinemas and theaters as well as the manufacture of railway freight cars.

The first three companies are examples of success stories of small and medium-sized enterprises, which have struggled to expand and modernize their production processes to be fully integrated onto the national and international market with high levels of competitiveness.

At the opening of the ALTECSA plant, in Huamantla, officials toured with the Director General, Juan Hilario Ortiz Hinojosa. ALTECSA is a company dedicated to produce natural colorants and additives for the food industry and the production of ingredients in dairy area. The investment will be of $ 30 million pesos and will generate more than 90 direct jobs.

ALTECSA has 22 years in the national and international market; it maintains strategic alliances that allows itself to have the latest technological advances for the preparation of its food products with high quality ingredients. It is also supported with funds from CONACYT and the Secretariat of Economy to further advance on innovation in the food industry.

Meanwhile, Guajardo Villarreal said that 70 percent of Mexican economy is based on small and medium-sized enterprises. "We believe this is the future of the consolidation of the Mexican economy. So I congratulate you for your professional talent, technical knowledge, labor, and for believing in what you are doing for the aggrandizement of Mexico".

Later, officials moved to the company QUESOMEX; there were received by the Director of the Plant, Gerardo Vicente García Martínez. The company is engaged in the manufacture of cheese in different forms. This plant had an investment of $ 27 million pesos and, initially, will create 55 direct jobs.

Later, in the municipality of Santa Cruz, they visited the company BUSTEXTIL, established in Mexico since 1986 and dedicated to the production of fabrics for the manufacture of chairs for cinemas, theaters and buses.

BUSTEXTIL is a clear case of success, which started operations with only five employees. Its first year of sales was for $ 2.8 million pesos and completely for the domestic market. Currently, 58 persons are employed. Sales in 2014 were by $ 45.5 million pesos and 72 percent of its production is for the domestic market and the rest for the US and Canada. Among its main clients are ADO, Estrella Roja, Estrella Amarilla and Cinépolis. The investment will be of $ 25 million pesos and the generation will be of 70 direct jobs.

After finalizing the tour of work in the town of Tetla, it was inaugurated the expanding of the GREENBRIER INDUSTRIES plant, of American origin, dedicated to the manufacture of railway freight cars and assembly of components and spare parts for the metalworking industry and transformation. The investment is of one thousand 50 million pesos in infrastructure and working capital. 400 thousand direct jobs will be created, in addition to the 550 current.

During his speech, Guajardo Villarreal stressed that the success of this great company, as well as its directors as Alejandro Centurión, was because they bet on Mexico for many years, with strategic partnerships with companies such as BOMBARDIER, in Ciudad Sahagún, Hidalgo, opening its place later in Monclova, Coahuila, and now it continues to focus its future in our country expanding its plant in Tlaxcala.

Therefore, he reiterated that Mexico has also gained the credibility of foreign investors, as its foreign trade policy remains single, consistent and definite. “This”, he said, “is based on two fundamental assets: financial stability and an economic liberalization policy”.

Finally, he congratulated the governor Mariano González, because of the impulse he is giving to the Industrial Parks and the ease for doing businesses in which Tlaxcala now ranks third nationally.

The Secretary of Economy also said that “in the field of small and medium-sized enterprises, is where our country has a great potential. Large manufacturing companies are taking the important role that Mexico has requested for many years, but our success as a country is not going to consolidate itself until all industries, all sizes of companies and all regions of Mexico do so with the same opportunities".

In the event was also attended by the General Coordinator of Federal Delegations, Jorge Cantú Valderrama; the Delegate of Economy in Tlaxcala, Daniel Corona Moctezuma; the Secretary of Tourism and Economic Development of Tlaxcala, María Adriana Moreno Durán; Mayor of Huamantla, Alejandro López Aguilar; Mayor of Santa Cruz, Lauro de los Ángeles Martín Hernández; and Mayor of Tetla de Solidaridad, Javier Hernández Mejía, among others.