With the presence of the Secretaries of Economy (SE, in Spanish), the Public Service (SFP, in Spanish) and the Head of the Federal Commission of Regulatory Improvement (COFEMER, in Spanish); Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, Virgilio Andrade Martínez and Mario Gutiérrez Emilio Caballero, respectively, it was conducted the Seventeenth Ordinary Session of the Federal Council for the Regulatory Improvement, in which the progress of the implementation of the Decree establishing the Comprehensive Strategy of Regulatory Improvement of the Federal Government and of Simplification of Procedures and Services, were presented.

COFEMER received the proposals of the programs of Regulatory Improvement for 2015 - 2016, containing measures to improve the laws, regulations, decrees and other administrative acts of the Federal Government which generate costs of compliance.

In addition, as a result of a strategy of simplification proposed by the COFEMER in order to reduce the regulatory burden of the procedures, 2,148 actions have been proposed to simplify the procedures and services of the Federal Public Administration (APF, in Spanish).

Also, among the recent actions implemented by the COFEMER to further promoting the ongoing dialogue with all the relevant actors, are two forums of Public Consultation where were collected some proposals on regulations and procedures carried out by representatives of chambers and business associations, international organizations, civil society organizations, academic institutions, representatives of the states and municipalities, and public officials of the Federal Public Administration. Based on the Public Consultation and the opinion of the COFEMER, the dependencies and decentralized bodies will present their final programs next June 26, 2015.

In order to contribute to the consolidation of the regulatory improvement and the ease of doing business in the states and municipalities of Mexico, COFEMER designed six programs of public policy: MIR sub national, SIMPLIFICA, SARE-PROSARE, MEJORA (written in Spanish acronyms) and Building Permits, as well as the boost to the commercial oral trials throughout the Mexican Republic.

In this session of the Council, it also were monitored the Presidential instructions to improve the daily justice in the country and promote the National Housing Policy. In terms of daily justice, the Economics Research and Teaching Center (CIDE, in Spanish) presented to the Federal Executive 217 recommendations and 20 actions to improve the judicial process.

Among the resolutions of the Board, it was authorized that the Secretary of the Public Service (SFP, in Spanish), in coordination with COFEMER, will give a timely follow to the simplification of procedures as an element to strengthen the National Single Window for the Procedures and Information of the Government.

About the Federal Council of Regulatory Improvement:

In accordance with Article 69-F of the Federal Law of Administrative Procedure, the Federal Council of Regulatory Improvement is an advisory body and link which the public, social and private sectors are involved in order to seek the views of those sectors on regulatory improvement.

Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, Secretary of Economy, is the Chairman of the Board; Virgilio Andrade Martínez, Secretary for the Public Service, Vice President; and Mario Emilio Gutiérrez Caballero, Director General of COFEMER, is Technical Secretary of the Council.