The Anáhuac University (Northern Mexico) and the National Institute of the Entrepreneur (INADEM), launched today the LeanStartups MX Program, a method that will accompany and train, step by step, to entrepreneurs interested in the development of their projects, from the hand of Bob Dorf, a leading figure in the world of entrepreneurship. Registration for those interested will be available until 24April 2015.

In the event, the Rector of the Anáhuac University, Jesús Quirce Andrés, was pleased that this academic institution is the executive arm of the program, which helps to strengthen the culture of entrepreneurship in Mexico, especially among young people.

The President of the INADEM, Enrique Jacob Rocha, expressed his enthusiasm for the presentation of this interesting program and said that since the National Institute of the Entrepreneur, work has been done to foster the development of start ups, through the development of methodologies of acceleration, the support for incorporation or the development of high-impact practices, the promotion for initiatives on innovation and the collaborative spaces.

"It is a pleasure to present this methodology and launch the call that is officially open for those who are interested. This program will benefit the Mexican entrepreneurial ecosystem. For us at the INADEM, it is crucial to provide more and better tools to our entrepreneurs; for the President Enrique Peña Nieto, the entrepreneurship and innovation are cornerstones in the economic development of the country; Proof of this is the creation of a new public policy, aimed at strengthening the entrepreneurship activity”, he said.

During the event, it was explained that the successful implementation of this methodology represents an opportunity for training entrepreneurs through which, not only the knowledge is transmitted to start a business, but entrepreneurs will may decide if their business model is feasible, to look after funding.

The program will be implemented by the Business Accelerator of the IDEARSE Center, of the Anáhuac University; the funding will be provided, by the INADEM, for 9 million, and 1 million pesos by private capital; the program will be taught by Bob Dorf, one of the co-authors of the methodology accepted in entrepreneurial ecosystems in other countries, who during the launch explained in detail the step by step method.

The transfer of knowledge of this innovative methodology in Mexico will be executed in two ways: entrepreneurs will be invited nationwide, who will be trained for 10 weeks to learn the methodology. Mentors will also be formed, in order to replicate the program nationwide.

The program is specifically aimed at entrepreneurs with a business idea involving a technological solution.

It aims to recruit 30 teams of 3 or 4 participants each to have 120 entrepreneurs in this program without cost. Entrepreneurs interested should register on the website, where they will find the requirements they need to meet in order to participate.

Finally, it was explained that the program will be promoted on social networks in order to reach all entrepreneurs in Mexico and benefit from this effort made by the INADEM and The Anáhuac University.