Enrique Jacob Rocha, President of the National Institute of Entrepreneur (INADEM), made a working visit through the state of Jalisco, where he led the laying of the first foundation stone of the Agricultural Technology Park and the inauguration of the Center for Development, Design and Craft Marketing.

In Ciudad Guzmán, the President of INADEM mentioned that the park represents a space of realization so that Jalisco entrepreneurs start their businesses linked to agribusiness and generate an opportunity for more Small and Medium business are integrated in the value chains.

He stressed that Ciudad Guzmán, Head of the municipality of Zapotlán El Grande, is a potential agent of the agribusiness sector of Jalisco. That´s the reason why the National Institute of Entrepreneur is interested in driving this project that will impact on the economy of the region. He added that its consolidation will encourage both entrepreneurship and innovation, and that small businesses find room to grow.

Jacob Rocha said that with the creation of this park, 15 companies will be benefited and 200 new jobs will be created, since the INADEM, through the National Entrepreneur Fund provided resources for more than 28 million pesos.

Subsequently, the President of INADEM opened the Center for Development, Design and Craft Marketing and gave supports to beneficiary people of the "Crafts with corn leaves produced by indigenous women" Program.

This program gave a great impulse for the construction of a workshop with the tools necessary for making crafts with corn leaves to improve the quality of life of indigenous women of the town of San Cristobal Zapotitlán.

During his tour, Enrique Jacob Rocha stressed that this center is the first resort of its kind nationwide, in which training will also be provided for artisans to diversify their production, streamline their processes and improve their management models and business. To date, this Program has benefited more than 700 artisans in the region.