The Secretary of Economy, Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, met with the National Agricultural and Livestock Council (CNA, by its initials in Spanish), chaired by Benjamin Grayeb Ruiz, and he addressed issues such as the development and the economic prospects of the country, the trade negotiations and the vision of the national food industry; as well as the opportunities of investment of the sector in Mexico.

The event was attended by Homero Melis Cota and José Cacho Ribeiro, Secretary and Treasurer of the CNA, respectively; as well as Luis A. Cetto Salazar, Vice President of Institutional Development; Julio César Corona Valenzuela, Vice President of Public Policy; Víctor Gavito y Marco, Chairman of the Electoral Commission; Juan Barrio Aguirre, Vice President of International Relations; Vicente Gómez Cobo, Vice President of Government and Parliamentary Relations; and Rafael Ruiz Moreno, Vice President of Fisheries, among others.