The Undersecretary of Standards and Competitiveness of the Secretariat of Economy, Rocío Ruiz Chávez, presided over the delivery of titles of habilitation to new Public Brokers, who will contribute in commercial activities, minimizing the transaction costs and providing legal certainty, having repercussions into the economic development national levels through a wider range of services to the population.

With the delivery of these titles to Public Brokers of the squares of Baja California, Mexico City, Jalisco, Nuevo León, Tamaulipas and Yucatán, Mexico has 399 brokers nationwide who offer Legal Assistance, Public Trust, Valuation, Arbitration and Mediation.

Before Paulo Magaña Rodríguez, President of the National College of Mexican Public Brokerage, the Undersecretary Rocío Ruiz Chavez said that in the current context, it is of great importance to maximize its attributions; with its work, the legal security of business is guaranteed. This approach ensures that its services are accessible to the public.

She stressed that the Public Brokers are recognized for their expertise in commercial matters and, in general, in all aspects surrounding the business world; also, they have a high degree of reliability, something that is guaranteed by the application of the final exam, through which the Secretariat of Economy enables them as such.

Meanwhile, Silvia Sánchez Guadarrama, Public Broker of the square of Mexico City, said that today they contribute with the institutions to provide immediate and agile services to small and large-sized businessmen.

Speaking on behalf of the new Public Brokers, she said that "we pledge to work together with the authorities and colleagues in order to strengthen the institution of the Public Brokerage in Mexico".

The Undersecretary of Standards and Competitiveness of the Secretariat of Economy swore to: Sirak Emmanuel Pérez Soltero, from Baja California; Silvia Sánchez and Juan Carlos Sánchez Guadarrama Márquez, from Mexico City; Edna Lisette Market Velázquez, José Ricardo Arámburo Williams and Edgar Daniel Castillo Ortega, from Jalisco; Federico Lama Bremer, from Nuevo León; Enoch Alejandro García Rivera, from Tamaulipas; Patricio Solís Millet and Roberto José Ponce Montemayo, from Yucatán.

Among its functions, is that of making known the options that traders have to conduct business or commercial activities, provide certainty to the legal actions of traders through documents which acquire public character, determine the market value of the goods, services or decrees, and help promptly and impartially in resolving of business disputes, as well as exchange business offers between two or more traders.

The Room "A" of the Secretariat of Economy was attended by María Leticia Covarrubias Velasco, President of the Association of Women Public Brokers; Julio Alejandro Durán Gómez, President of the College of Public Brokers of Mexico City, and Elsa Regina Ayala Gómez, Director General of Trade Regulation of the Secretariat of Economy.