With the representation of the President, Enrique Peña Nieto, the Secretary of Economy, Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, opened the XXXI International Mining Convention in the port of Acapulco.

They were present the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources, Rafael Pacchiano Alamán; the Governor of the state of Guerrero, Salvador Rogelio Ortega Martínez; the Chairman of the Mining Chamber of Mexico (CAMIMEX, by its initials in Spanish), Daniel Chávez Carreón; the General Mining Coordinator of the Secretariat of Economy (SE, by its initials in Spanish), Mario Alfonso Cantú Suárez; the General Coordinator of Delegations of the SE, Jorge Cantú Valderrama; as well as the ambassadors in Mexico, of Australia and Canada, Tim George and Pierre Alarie, respectively. They also were attending impresarios of the mining sector of at least 20 countries.

In the event, Guajardo Villarreal, who led the delivery of the national awards of the Association of Mining Engineers, Metallurgical and Geologists of Mexico, A.C. (AIMMGM, by its initials in Spanish), and the Silver Helmets of CAMIMEX, said that: "Today, Mexico is in the first places in the world, in a dozen of products from the Mexican mining sector; the investment flows in a major way; only in 2014, we had five billion dollar in investment. Mexico attracted 7 percent of the investment in exploration that took place in the world”.

The Head of the Secretariat of Economy stressed that Mexico is still a reliable place to invest.

He stressed that the presidential instruction is to have a liable dialogue with this sector so fundamental for the development of Mexico.

The Secretary of Economy said that in the environmental field, the mining also have a large task ahead for, without sacrificing productivity, meet with the standards of environmental protection which are increasingly demanding worldwide.

He said that "we are committed to continue with these actions, so that the Mexican mines remain attractive for investment and a source of employment and prosperity for more than 350 million Mexicans working in this sector”.

He stressed the importance of ensuring that the mining development is also reflected in the growth and prosperity of the communities that host them. "This is why under the leadership of the Secretariat of Agrarian, Land and Urban Development, we are working on the creation of the State Committees for the Regional Development of the Mining Areas" he said.

He said that last September 24 "we launched in Zacatecas, the first one of 25 such committees that will be responsible for approving the projects of infrastructure with the resources of the Mining Fund. They are already established, in addition to Zacatecas, those of Chihuahua, Durango, Coahuila, Sonora and Hidalgo".

Along with the Governor Ortega Martínez, the Secretary of Economy opened the Mining Expo and made a tour through it in which machinery, equipment and services for mining on an area over 22 thousand square meters is displayed.

For his part, the Head of SEMARNAT noted that the Secretariat in his charge have the mission of "being a facilitator so the mining projects that ensure the environment are carried out satisfactorily”.

Manuel Reyes Cortés, President of the National Executive Council (CDN, by its initials in Spanish) of the AIMMGM, said that this convention is a sign of the strength of the Mexican Mining, which is strengthened and with the support of the policies implemented by the SE as one of the main engines of the country.

Luis Felipe Medina Aguirre, General Coordinator of the Organizing Committee of the Convention, said that today starts one of the most important events, and aims to continue promoting the mining industry in and out of Mexico, through the exchange of experiences and businesses.

Mining is essential in creating wealth. It generates 340,000 direct jobs in Mexico and more than two million indirect, which are permanent, so it offers a better quality of life for those who are living in communities that develop this activity.

At the opening of the XXXI International Mining Convention were present the Delegate of the SE in the state, Álvaro Burgos Barrera; and the Mayor of Acapulco, Evodio Velázquez Aguirre.