A specialized team of doctors at Mexico´s General Hospital “Dr. Eduardo Liceaga”*, removed a nasopharyngeal tumor that, by its expansive-invasive growth and the massive bleeding, it endangered the 16 year old patient´s life.

This was announced by Dr. Cesar Athie Gutierrez, Director General of this Hospital, who said that if the tumor have not be attended, its free evolution would have caused patient´s death, who is originative of the state of Veracruz in Mexico.

At a press conference, he stressed that this type of tumors frequently occur in male patients, ranging in age from 7 to 21 years old, with an average of 14 years, and the General Hospital has been a center of concentration of these patients, with an incidence of 12 cases per year.

He said that using a multidisciplinary approach, in Mexico´s General Hospital, is possible to remove tumors that were previously considered inoperable, in a less surgical time, less bleeding, with minimal consequences and faster recovery.

Dr. Athie Gutierrez said Mexico´s General Hospital is the center of concentration of patients with this disease, which has allowed to improve techniques, coordinate the multidisciplinary work and allows better results.

In the last 5 years they have treated 58 cases, nine of them such as this one, which are surgically operated with excellent results in 90% of this cases.

Meanwhile, doctors Jorge Moises Hernandez, otolaryngology in charged, and Fernando Paredes, maxillofacial specialist, explained that five months after his hospital admission, the patient had unexplained nosebleeds, from 4 to 5 episodes weekly.

He was initially valued at Serdan City Hospital in the state of Puebla, at Puebla´s General Hospital, at Puebla´s Child Hospital, and at Bethania’s Hospital in Tehuacan, a location in the state of Puebla, where he was regarded as a case out of surgery, due to the tumor extension, offering only palliative care and radiotherapy.

The patient was admitted to Mexico´s General Hospital on December 12th, 2013, for the preoperative studies and for the preparation of the multidisciplinary approach with the participation of specialists from otolaryngology, ophthalmology, neurology and maxillofacial surgery to remove the tumor.

The surgery took place on December 16th, 2013, and the procedure was intended to repair the skull base and the structures which the tumor had committed, as the optic nerve, the carotid artery and the cavernous sinus and to repose the bone structures that had to be removed to minimize the functional and esthetic sequels.

They did the complete removal of a tumor of approximately 10 x 13 centimeters (3.9 per 5.1 inches), with a bleeding of approximately 5400 milliliters (182.6 oz.), the surgery was achieved in a time of 5 hours 20 minutes, and then proactively he remained in intensive therapy for 4 days.

The patient's postoperative course was satisfactory and he left the hospital on December 27th, 2013, because his condition improved.

Actually, he lives a normal and productive life according to his age.

Mexico´s General Hospital is located in Mexico City and was founded in 1905 by the ex-President of Mexico Porfirio Diaz.
It provides health services highly specialized with great medical and human quality, in surgical and diagnostic support, and specialties treatment, so it has the recognition of the Mexican society.
This Hospital forms excellent human resources for health. Conduct high level whose results are published in scientific journals of international impact, cares for its human resources enabling them to form teams as a necessity of human activities.


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