Specialist Mexicos Juarez Hospital (HJM), made a successful maxillofacial surgery to a patient who had a tumor that covered the entire jaw as a result of a complication in the extraction of a dental piece.

At a press conference held at the (HJM) led by Dr. Martin Antonio Manrique, director general of this institution, and Dr. Carlos Liceaga Escalera, Chief of Maxillofacial Surgery, they gaved details of the intervention, which was held last June 3th  after entering to the emergency room.

It is a 52-year-old woman who had a left mandibular tumor in length about 10cm per 13cm per 12cm.

Dr. Carlos Liceaga explained that about six years ago, after she underwent a tooth extraction, the patient had a volume increase in that region.

"About two years ago, her family brought the patient to the Mexico City, who presented with dysphagia and severe facial deformity in the third left lower facial," Dr. Liceaga said.

In late May, the patient entered to the service of HJM´s Maxillofacial Surgery, where she underwent a biopsy, the results reported Solid Follicular Ameloblastoma.

The Ameloblastoma is one of the most common and benign tumor, which is characterized by a slow-growing, locally invasive, with high recurrence rate if not removed entirely.

The reconstruction of the jaw has been successful and the patient develops favorably

For the team of specialists, this is an extraordinary case, the dimension that reached the tumor, affecting almost all of the jaw.

Note. Mexico´s Juarez Hospital is a public health institution located in Mexico City, founded in 1847 and is currently the second largest hospital in this city.
Provides surgical medical assistance with quality, safety, ethics and humanism in hospitalization and consulting services.


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