In the coming weeks, complex surgeries as Achalasia, gastric bypass, colon, rectal, gynecological, obstetric and pelvic cavity, will be integrated to the specialities that Mexico´s General Hospital "Dr. Manuel Gea Gonzalez”*, successfully treat by robotic surgery, said Dr. Mucio Moreno, general director of this hospital, noting that this exclusive procedure in health institutions is done by no cost to patients.

At a press conference, together with Dr. Carlos Pacheco, Head of the Division of Urology, Dr. Mucio anticipated that for the next year, will be performed around 200 surgeries by this robotic system known as Da Vinci Gea.

Dr. Moreno said that this procedure is part of the exchange of services, where highly trained specialists from other institutions, can use robotic technology at Mexico´s General Hospital "Dr. Manuel Gea Gonzalez”.

He said that with these services, the Mexico´s Ministry of Health, renovates care methods and technologies that allow to improve the quality and safety of patients.

This type of surgery, Mexico´s General Hospital "Dr. Manuel Gea Gonzalez” reduces the surgical time, the hospital stay and the recovery time. Therefore, robotic surgery will be part of the training of the hospital personnel.

For almost three years, prostate surgery is done with support of the robot, and in 2015 have been successfully treated 20 cases.

These first-generation technologies, are used in advanced health systems like the US, China, Japan and some countries in Europe and Latin America, where Mexico is at the forefront for the amount operations performed.

Dr. Carlos Pacheco, a pioneer in the practice of robotic surgery in Mexico´s General Hospital "Dr. Manuel Gea Gonzalez”, presented the case of Mr. Miguel Angel Juarez, a 68 year old man, who was benefited by this procedure.

"In January last year, was performed an assisted radical prostatectomy to Mr. Miguel Angel, with postoperative stay of three days and without any complications."

For his part, Miguel Angel Juarez thanked to the hospital specialists, because this intervention removed his cancer, and recommended to people, especially men, practice their prostate studies to treat opportunely this disease.

*Mexico´s General Hospital "Dr. Manuel Gea Gonzalez”, is located in the south of Mexico City and was founded in 1972.

This hospital provides public health services with ethic, equity, quality and patient safety, developing new models of care, with highly qualified professionals who form new generations and innovate knowledge to conduct scientific research.


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