Nations of America, face a new challenge in emerging diseases such as Chikungunya fever, said the Ministry of Health, Mercedes Juan, after pointing out that to deal with this diseases they are required actions from all the government, but above all, active and committed participation of the community.

By participating in the plenary of the 68th World Health Assembly, the Mexican official said that these conditions may conduce to global crises, as it was the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, where series of worldwide actions were launched to decrease its impact.

Dr. Mercedes Juan said that to deal effectively with emerging diseases and illnesses originated from new demographic and epidemiological profile, are required robust and strong health systems that provide effective and timely response to the population.

She added that the 68th World Health Assembly is important because it is where the 194 members of countries will focus their efforts to establish oriented strategies to strengthening health systems.

In this regard, the Ministry of Health said that Mexico shielded its health system, strengthening health services able to resist and respond to the impact of changes in the environment, as well as the new health, domestic and international needs.

An example of this was the response of Mexico to the influenza pandemic in 2009, where responsiveness and the management of transparent information was demonstrated.

In the case of the outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa, the Ministry of Health implemented response actions, and launched transfer, isolation, diagnosis and treatment of cases logistic protocols, in an area specially equipped for it, according to what is stipulated by WHO.

Finally, Dr. Mercedes Juan reiterated the support and active participation of Mexico in the decisions that takes the World Health Assembly.

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