Specialist of Children's Hospital of Mexico "Federico Gomez" from the Ministry of Health, reconstructed the face of a two years old girl, who was born with severe craniofacial malformation, which left her orbits of the eyes separated and she couldn´t breathe or eat.

During surgery, which lasted eleven hours, the multidisciplinary team of neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists and anesthesiologists, remodeled the skull, placed the eyeballs in the right place of the face, and connected a tube to the pharynx that allows the girl breathing and eating.

At a press conference, where was present Fatima, the girl with her parents José Oscar Ramos Torres and Janet Romero Romero, Doctor Enrique Ochoa Díaz López, Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, explained that it was a high specialty and high risk surgery that allowed to correct girl´s malformations.

Said the she had a front dysplasia, of unknown causes, and occurs in one case of a hundred thousand births, in this case affecting  the eyes, forehead and nose, and to correct it was required sophisticated technology and forefront surgical therapy, which has been made in few public or private hospitals  in Mexico.

He said this was the first of several surgical procedures to be performed to the girl, as they mature bones, teeth and muscles of the face, and even esthetic nature that allows integration to a normal life.

The Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery said that such surgeries are performed at the Children's Hospital of Mexico "Federico Gomez" since 1973, and each year they are performed 60-80 surgeries to correct different types of craniofacial malformations.

The Children's Hospital of Mexico "Federico Gomez" is an institution of national health system of the Mexican government that in more than seven decades has served about nine million patients, and has to his credit the first kidney transplant in a child in 1967 and the first heart transplant in 2001.

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