Mexico´s Children Hospital “Federico Gomez” (HIMFG by its initials in Spanish), performed the first successful artificial heart transplant in the country to a four-year-old girl diagnosed with restrictive cardiomyopathy. The intervention will keep her body in good health, while there is a compatible heart to be transplanted.

A team of specialists of the HIMFG, led by the head of Cardiovascular Surgery of the hospital, doctor Alejandro Bolio Cerdan, performed the surgery last September 22 to the girl Dafne Veronica Garcia Guzman, born in San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco, Mexico.

At a press conference, Dr. Bolio Cerdan explained that the restrictive cardiomyopathy heart failure is a progressive disease that consists in the heart disability to contract, causing not properly reach of the blood to different organs of the body.

In response, it was decided a use of technological innovation that makes artificially heart function. Two valves are connected to the pulmonary artery and aorta; with the help of a mechanical pump, it allows blood to irrigate body.

The specialist said that this was the only alternative to save the girl´s life because when there is this type of heart failure, over time it develops damage to the kidney and liver.

The head of Cardiology of the HIMFG mentioned that, 12 days after the surgery, the child is in good health, and gradually will start some activities.

It is expected, he said, that in the next three months she counts with a heart to be transplanted, but explained that a patient with these characteristics may get to stay with an artificial heart until two and a half years.

He mentioned that this technology was obtained thanks to the support of several foundations, because the estimated cost for the first three months is one and a half million pesos.

He pointed that the Mexico´s Children Hospital “Federico Gomez”, has a successful program of heart transplant, which began its activities 15 years ago and annually, on average, 12 children who require a heart transplant, are on the waiting list.

At the press conference, assisted the deputy director, Jaime Nieto Zermeño; the head of the Service of Intensive Care Unit, Maria de Lourdes Marroquin Yañez; the head of the Department of Cardiology, Julio Orellana Erdmenger; the head of Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Victor Fuentes Garcia; and Mrs. Maricela Guzman, mother of Dafne Veronica Garcia Guzman.


Mexico´s Children´s Hospital “Federico Gomez” was founded in 1943 and is located at the center of Mexico City.

This hospital is part of a number of institutions with the Certification of the General Health Council of Mexico´s Ministry of Health for its high quality sanitary standards.

It provides highly specialized medical care with safety and quality to Mexican children. Also, prepares human resources and carry out scientific research of excellence. In addition provides medical care highly specialized in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of children without social security and therefore with lower socioeconomic resources.



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