In the last two years there was a reduction of 9.7 percent in the consumption of sugary drinks, which means that Mexicans stopped drinking 5.1 liters of this type of liquids during 2015, reported the second study conducted by the National Institute of Public Health (INSP by its initials in Spanish) and the University of North Carolina, United States.

This research, titled Evidence of a sustained consumer response two years after the implementation of a tax on sweetened beverages in Mexico, was published in the journal Health Affairs, one of the most important media in medical matters at the international level.

At a press conference, headed by the director general of Health Promotion, Eduardo Jaramillo; the director of the INSP, Juan Rivera Dommarco, and the specialist of the Center for Research in Health Systems of the same institute, Arantxa Colchero, was presented the work done in the period 2014-2015, which states that among the most vulnerable population was reported greater decline, with a drop in consumption of 14.3 percent.

Doctor Juan Rivera Dommarco made clear that this measure, along with other actions such as eliminating the advertising of foods with high calorie content in children's schedules, guidelines in schools, food counseling, primary care and promotion of physical activity, will contribute to the solution of the problem of overweight and obesity in Mexico.

The Director General of Health Promotion, Eduardo Jaramillo, said that Mexico is moving in the right direction to revert this problem and pointed out that the evolution of the national strategy is observed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

He insisted that no one deserves a sick society, it needs to be healthy and productive, so that the country is competitive, that´s why is important to give a collective and coordinated solution.

In her speech, the expert of the Center for Research in Health Systems of the INSP, Arantxa Colchero, presented the details of this second study, among which highlights that the consumption of bottled water increased 2.1 percent.


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