With a capacity to analyze about five thousand genes associated with hereditary diseases, which will allow that in a maximum period of four weeks’ people with a family history will be able to know the risk of contracting any disease, began its operation the Genomic Diagnostic Laboratory of Mexico´s National Institute of Genomics Medicine, INMEGEN (by its initials in Spanish),

It makes possible to improve medical practice for the benefit of the population.

At a press conference, Carmen Alaes Verson, chief of the Genomic Diagnostic Laboratory, and Carmen Alvarez-Buylla, Coordinator of Strategic Projects from the INMEGEN, reported that with these tasks the institute becomes a national reference in the execution of molecular studies with clinical utility that are processed and interpreted in Mexico, without the need to expose the patient´s samples.

Dr. Carmen Alaes informed that through the telephone number 6821-9195, those interested can have advice on whether or not candidates for studies and have a medical referral. If necessary, they can be sent to any institution in the Health Sector.

Among the services offered are examinations of paternity and kinship, pharmacogenomics and chimerism, which allows to know if the donor cells are able to implant in the recipient, among others.

The Coordinator of Strategic Projects, Carmen Alvarez-Buylla said that there is a catalog of more than 100 available genetic studies and the ability to analyze 4,800 genes associated with various Mendelian diseases and more than 94 genes related to hereditary cancer predisposition syndromes.

She stated that this service works in accordance with the highest standards of protection of people's rights to their samples and genetic data.

The diagnostic laboratory is ISO 9001-2015 certified, guaranteeing the quality of the analysis process with the latest generation of specialized equipment.

Recently the INMEGEN scientists contributed to the La Raza Medical Center of the Mexican Social Security Institute to confirm the first case in Mexico with Perry's syndrome, a progressive neurological problem that starts with tremors, shortness of breath and dizziness. It is a rare disease that has affected less than 100 people in the world.

INMEGEN is a national and international leader in genomic medicine, for its research, training of human resources, as well as for the services it offers to the population.

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