The transformation of Seguro Popular will contribute to progress towards the construction of a national health system for well-being, where the guiding line will be free health services and medicines for the population.

This transformation is one of the objectives of the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to eliminate barriers to access to health, which the most vulnerable population of the country suffers and which still lacks social security.

During the meeting held by the Head of the National Commission for Social Protection in Health (CNPSS), Angélica Ivonne Cisneros Luján, with members of the Health Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, said that the Seguro Popular, as it has worked since its inception in 2003, it is an additional source, a financing system and not a health system.

Cisneros Luján pointed out that even though the law does not explicitly establish that the National Commission for Social Protection in Health is a public insurer, in fact it works.

He said that the Commission under his charge continues to work in accordance with the provisions of the General Health Law regarding social protection in health. "The states continue to receive transfers within the framework of what is established by law," he said.

It is worth mentioning that the CNPSS is an institution that works under the logic of insurance, finances the federal entities and other institutions that provide health services - whether private or civil association - duly accredited before the Secretary of Health.

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