Is estimated that Mexico has two million people whit epilepsy. In most cases, the first symptom is the convulsion and it is more frequent during childhood and in people over 60 years.

Anyone can suffer epilepsy no matter its social status or age.

  • It characterizes by crisis because disorderly and excessive neuronal discharges.
  • It is mainly genetic or hereditary, but also as a cause of secondary issues such as neurocysticercosis, perinatal injury, cerebral vascular event, head trauma or unknown situations.
  • It has neurological, psychological, social and mental consecutions, because people who suffer from it are stigmatized and discriminated.
  • The epilepsy don’t has cure, but the attacks can be controlled in frequency and intensity.

Mexico´s National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery has a clinic of epilepsy, Mexico has 66 attention units for this problem.

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