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Condoms for women and men.

Use a condom! Enjoy a healthy sexuality

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Woman to the Pregnant.

Vitamin D in pregnancy, essential for the health of the baby

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People with malnutrition can have fatigue, bad mood, muscle or bone pain, among other sufferings.

Diets without professional guidance can cause malnutrition

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A new scheme is being developed to improve sanitary conditions.

Consolidated purchasing reduce medication prices

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Representatives of the Health Sector met at the press conference.

Social inequality favors public health emergencies

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Investigator to the INR.

National Center of Investigation and Attention of Burnings (CENIAQ), at vanguard

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Aplicated to the vaccine.

If you are pregnant, you should be vaccinated against influenza

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Aplication to the Vaccines.

Migrants crossing to Mexico do not represent a health risk

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Oficcers to the Mexico.

Four wounded persons from Tlahuelilpan blast are transferred to the National Institute of Rehabilitation (INR)

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