As part of the progress of Mexico´s National Strategy for the Prevention and Control of Overweight, Obesity and Diabetes, mortality reduced by 1.10 percent in diabetes and cardiovascular disease 2.57 percent, preventing the deaths of nearly 500 people.

Was impulse and promoted across the country the “100 percent Smoke Free Snuff places”, with the program Drive without Alcohol, and combating substance abuse was promoted through cooperation agreements between Mexico´s National Commission Against Addictions and various states.

Started its functions the Mexican Observatory of non-communicable diseases (OMENT), where programs are assessed to meet these conditions, in order to strengthen or improve those strategies.

The Popular Insurance included the coverage of the Turner Syndrome, achieving that children with this condition receive free the comprehensive treatment they need to have a better quality of life.

The coverage of “Prospera” program extended to three million people.

The first imported case of Zika virus detected in Mexico.

Mexico´s Government increased vigilance on illegal beauty clinics to protect the health of the population. From the beginning of the administration to the first two months, were suspended the medical services of 65 clinics.

Quality certificates granted to 76 hospitals, so that the quality of the services offered guarantees.

The Popular Insurance launched standardized development and early learning program for child, through which motor disorders, language, social and cognitive adaptation are detected.

Comprehensive Care Model "Women's Health" was presented, to reduce infant and maternal mortality with non-communicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Guide medical practice for the prevention and diagnosis of Ebola virus appeared.

About 80 million of safe and effective vaccines were applied.

They left the air 26 000 spots for drinks and food with high sugar content.

General law for the care and protection of people with autism condition was enacted.

The Ministry of Health announced a national strategy to expedite access to thousands of patients with controlled pain medications like morphine.

Mexico achieved a reduction of maternal mortality in 2013, 9.7 percent compared to 2012.

The Ministry of Health launched the new front labeling for food and non-alcoholic beverages prepackaged.

Was introduced the clinical practice guidelines for the care of the infection of Chikungunya virus.

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