We live in a time of change in which everyone, especially young people, must take their responsibility in the country's transformation: Enrique Peña Nieto

· The greatest tribute Mexicans can pay our heroes is to remain united and continue working for Mexico with enthusiasm, courage and determination, he said.

  • He called on the cadets of the various campuses in the military education system to continue to train thoroughly, always prioritize their ideals and fight for the loftiest causes of the nation.
  • You have a duty to improve and go beyond what previous generations have done. So firmly assume the challenges of the twenty-first century, he declared.
  • The government has a strong commitment to the professionalism and continuous training of our soldiers, sailors and pilots, he said.

As he led the Closing and Opening Ceremony for courses at the Military Education System facilities, President Enrique Peña Nieto said that the greatest tribute that Mexicans can pay our heroes is to, “Remain united and continue to work for Mexico with enthusiasm, courage and determination, “ because, “We live in a time of change in which all social groups, especially young people, must take responsibility for the transformation of the country”.

He called on the cadets of the various campuses of the military education system to, “Continue to prepare thoroughly, always prioritize their ideals and fight for the loftiest causes of the nation”.

You have a duty to improve and go beyond what previous generations have done. So firmly assume the challenges of the twenty-first century”.

During the event, held in the forecourt of the Heroic Military College, President Peña Nieto said that the government, “Has a strong commitment to the professionalism and continuous training of our soldiers, sailors and pilots”.

Therefore, he added, “We have given a strong impetus to the improvement and updating of academic programs, as well as the expansion and modernization of the various schools that make up the Military Educational System”.

He said that this is borne out by the creation this year of the, “Military Center for Health Sciences in Mexico City, and the recent expansion of the School of the Air, in Zapopan, Jalisco, two university campuses offering specialized, cutting-edge education”.

He explained that more and more young people are choosing the military profession to serve Mexico. For example, “In the cycle that begins today, approximately 10,300 students have been enrolled, nearly 20 percent more than in the 2012-2013 period,” he said.

He said that during the first four years of this administration, over 34,000 students have enrolled in the various degree courses and specialties available in the military education system.

The president noted that, “Training at military colleges and universities is a great honor as well as a great opportunity for professional achievement”.

“Now, as never before, this education offers Mexicans from all walks of life the opportunity to enter military ranks and fulfill their highest aspirations to serve the community,” he added.

He noted that at these prestigious institutions, “You acquire the values, knowledge and skills to ensure our freedom, sovereignty and independence and safeguard our laws, institutions and territory. Indeed, the legacy of honor of our armed forces lies in the heroic acts performed by our soldiers, sailors and airmen in full compliance with its lofty missions”.

“Encouraged by the example of your fellow soldiers, I am confident that military school graduates will continue writing new glorious pages in defense of our Constitution, our institutions and our country,” he said.

The president said: “As Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, I recognize the dedication, devotion and commitment of those who today concluded an important phase of their training. I especially congratulate  those who came top of their classes, therefore reflecting the tradition of excellence in military education”.

He also thanked the cadets who today begin courses as well as the officers, chiefs and generals who are continuing their professional training.


President Peña Nieto said that this year, our Armed Forces commemorate two milestones in their brilliant record of service to the nation: the 50th anniversary of the DN-III E Plan and the Centennial of the National Military Industry.

He recalled that in October 1916, “The Constitutionalist Army undertook the mission to manufacture its own weapons and ammunition to prevent external dependence, and thereby strengthen national sovereignty”.

"The result of this decision has been the development of a strong, modern military industry, which produces top quality armored vehicles, weapons and ammunition of in Mexico. This  industry is preparing to make rockets, cannons and experimental aircraft in the near future,” he said.

He therefore thanked, “The architects of this new technology, engineers and military technicians, who thereby reaffirm their commitment to Mexico”.

He also congratulated, “Our soldiers and pilots, for making the DN-III E the greatest symbol of solidarity, generosity and fraternity of the Armed Forces with the people to whom they are committed”.

“For five decades, their disaster relief and humanitarian aid have saved the lives of thousands of Mexicans. When there have been earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and emergencies, you have been with society at the time when they needed you most. That became clear last week, through your rescue work and assistance to the communities affected by Hurricane Newton in several states in the north of the country,” he said.

During the event, the president read the List of Honor of the Boy Heroes of 1847 and 1914, and presented certificates to the personnel who obtained the highest grades in the military education system schools.


General Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA), said that, “Education is the main investment to ensure the successful future of the nation" adding that, "Education constitutes the greatest power of transformation Mexicans have”.

He noted that, “History has shown that when a nation’s education system works, the nation is transformed, evolves and generates progress”.

He said that education is a melting pot of plurality, a fundamental guideline for civic teamwork. “The limits on diversity are expressed through coexistence within the law, respect and peace. This is the type of education demanded by pluralistic, democratic societies,” he said.

He expressed the Armed Forces’ gratitude to President Enrique Peña Nieto for, “The enormous effort and commitment to transform national reality, his broad state vision and the strong impetus given to the educational field, which is strategic and crucial in building a better, more prosperous, inclusive and safe Mexico, which we have joined with complete determination”.

He said that education is a human right that should be demanded and respected. Only in this way can children and youth acquire sound knowledge, be trained in values and be able to develop their intellectual, physical and moral potential,” he said.

He said that, “We cannot aspire to a good education without the involvement and determined participation of the authorities, management, teachers, students, parents and organizations related to this important strategic area”.

He considered that, “Citizens must be more participatory and demanding, especially as regards our children’s education. These actions must be reflected in the family, by training in values that will subsequently be reinforced in the classroom. Education is the cornerstone. Sailors, pilots and soldiers are quite clear about that”.

He said that in order to meet the requirements of Education Reform, the Armed Forces have begun the comprehensive transformation of the Military Education System. ”The process of transforming the military education system in Mexico is a reality,” he declared.

He noted that, “The armed forces are more professional, we are better equipped and trained. We maintain our deep sense of belonging, honor and great loyalty to the nation”.

He added that, “We will continue training every day, since education is essential to positively transforming a country’s people, communities, institutions and society”.

He announced that the end of the 2015-2016 year, the nation will have new professionals, technicians and specialists in various fields: 52 generals, 380 army chiefs, 2,009 officers, 5,647 troops, 97 colleagues from the Navy Secretariat and 13 civilians.

He said that this year, the first five women graduated in the use of artillery weapons and as combat engineers, to command tactical operating units. Thirty grant holders from Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, the United Kingdom, Korea and the Dominican Republic also completed their studies.