• The national reality is changing, as borne out by the Technological and Polytechnic Universities, which provide quality education for employment rather than frustration in the future, he said.
  • The president inaugurated three polytechnic universities.

President Enrique Peña Nieto said today that 900,000 young people are now studying at the 173 universities comprising the University System Technology, which enables them  “to receive knowledge to bring them up to date with the demands of labor markets, and of those who will be hiring them”.

The president declared that the national reality is changing, as borne out by the Technological and Polytechnic Universities, which provide quality education for employment rather than frustration in the future.

As he inaugurated three polytechnic universities in the state of Coahuila, the president declared, “Of course we face resistance, because nobody who was used to certain parameters or models, and perhaps benefited from them, is just going to accept the new models and paradigms that will drive change and development in the country”.

Despite that, he added, “The government is determined not to give up and to stand firm as regards everything we are promoting in education, health, infrastructure”.

President Peña Nieto said that in Coahuila, the Technological and Polytechnic universities are already applying the Bis Model, which will gradually be extended to other universities of this kind in Mexico.

This model, he said, indicates that:

  • They are bilingual; which means that several of the degree courses are taught in the English language.
  • It is an international system. It is bilingual. The model that has been constructed to teach at these technological universities is the same and is standardized with other models followed in other, more developed countries.
  • It is sustainable. It is sustainable. They are being educated and trained so that the knowledge they acquire ensures that the work they do is environmentally friendly.

The president declared that at the beginning of his Administration, in 2012, “the level of high school coverage was 68 percent; today it is 79 percent”. He noted that in the National Development Plan, “We committed to reach 80 percent coverage, which we will achieve by the end of the administration”.

He explained that in higher education coverage is lower and will not necessarily achieve 100 per cent, but that the aim is to, “Provide more higher education opportunities for young people who demand it, which is why technological universities and polytechnics have been promoted”:

He added that eight out of 10 young people studying at a Technological or Polytechnic University are the first in their families to have the opportunity to study a technological or college degree. Forty percent of engineering graduates from these universities are women.

At the event, the president engaged in an unscheduled dialogue with young students who asked questions about various aspects of education in Mexico and job prospects in the country for young graduates of the Technological and Polytechnic Universities. One young woman even asked him to sponsor the first generation of the Polytechnic University of Ramos Arizpe.

The president answered the questions, some of which were formulated in English, and agreed to sponsor this generation.

At the end, the president unveiled the inaugural plaque of the three universities and toured the facilities of Ramos Arizpe Polytechnic University.


Referring to the National System of Technological and Polytechnic Universities, Secretary of Public Education Aurelio Nuño Mayer declared  that, “Through their work and effort, 900,000 students are transforming Mexico”.

He said that 80 percent of students at the technological and polytechnic universities and that the National Technological University of Mexico are the first in their families to have reached higher education. ”You should feel very pleased and proud to be achieving that great success that will transform your lives and those of your families,” he told the students.

Because you, he added, “Are achieving a great change that is possible through education”. You represent a new Mexico, he said, one, “That has no complexes; a new Mexico that is willing to learn English and other languages, because it is willing to break barriers. A new Mexico that has made it to college for the first time and is thinking about getting ahead as a result of its merit and efforts. A new Mexico that is ready to compete with anyone, anywhere, in any field and in any conditions, and triumph”.


Governor of Coahuila Ruben Moreira Valdez said that during his presidential campaign, President Peña Nieto made a commitment to build three universities. However, in Coahuila, “During his government, eight universities have been created. Seven have already been built and one is under construction,” and 232 high schools have also been built.

He said that today, “There are 25 percent more young people studying at high school and in higher education. This a giant leap to enable all the young people in our state to have an opportunity”.

Governor Moreira told the president that, “We have never had so many young people enrolled in higher education; we had never had so many going abroad or to other universities in our country” and studying in English. That is why, he said, “The finest generation of Mexicans is enrolled in our schools. That is why what you have done in our state is so significant”.

I AM PROUD TO BE MEXICAN: YULISSA VALDEZ, A STUDENT AT THE RAMOS ARIZPE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY                                                                                                                                    

Yulissa Valdez Valdez, a student at Ramos Arizpe Polytechnic University, said that her institution undertakes human development activities. “Through sport and culture, we learn to be better citizens. For example, I belong to the top group of students and I am honored to protect the flag every month, because I am proud to be Mexican”.

She noted that they have, “The best teachers, classrooms with the latest technology, top-level laboratories, and a beautiful library. We also have a lifeline, which has 6,000 years of history and helps us understand who we are and where we come from”.

Yulissa Valdez said that taking classes in English will mean having better employment opportunities and allow her to achieve her dream of working in a large company.

"I will be the first professional in my family, like many of my peers. So we will change history because our children will not be able to be less than us. On behalf of my classmates, thank you very much Mr. President,” she stated.