On the third anniversary of the start of his administration, the president met with members of civil society and the armed forces and other public servants, as well as elementary and middle school students and sports persons.

The President confirmed his commitment to continuing to devote all his energy, passion and dedication to the service of Mexicans. He added that, “Mexico is a country with a great potential, which wants to continue breaking down barriers and obstacles to its development.”

He said that although there has been tangible progress in the transformation of our nation, “It is clear that much remains to be done, and in this the government seeks to lead all the efforts to make Mexico achieve its enormous potential.”

He said that the structural reforms achieved by Mexico in the early years of its administration and the actions of a responsible government mean that, “Mexico is now on the right path, in a process of change and transformation, which remains true to the goals of achieving better conditions and scenarios for all Mexicans.”

He told them the importance of his recent trip to Paris, France, where he attended the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21) and the presentation of the Carbon Pricing Initiative, among other activities. "Mexico is an actor with global responsibility for the benefit of Mexican families today and tomorrow, on key issues for the world,”  he said.

He reminded them that Mexico is a country with some of the greatest biodiversity in the world, as a result of which, “We must act in favor of the environment, and join efforts with other nations to achieve better environmental conditions in the world.”

After the meeting, President Peña Nieto showed them various areas of the National Palace, including the presidential office itself.