·        So far this Administration, the government has invested 34 billion pesos in health to build or modernize 580 hospital units and 2,800 outpatient units, he said.

 .       The president inaugurated Tulancingo General Hospital. It will benefit 600,000 people in this region of the state of Hidalgo and neighboring states, and is part of the new Integral Care Model.

·        This new model, operating as a pilot program in Hidalgo, Durango, Guanajuato and Yucatán, provides information on each patient and their clinical history and ensures that they are offered quality health services, he declared.

As he inaugurated Tulancingo General History, which will benefit approximately 600,000 people in this region of the state of Hidalgo and neighboring states, President Enrique Peña Nieto said that, “The government’s special mission is to create a basic floor of well-being for the population.”

He explained that different priorities have been established to achieve this: ensure that there is broad, extended, health infrastructure; daily food intake for all Mexicans; education for everyone; access to decent housing and social security.

In the context of public spending cuts to maintain sound public finances, the government will maintain its priorities and spending on basic services required by the population: health, education, housing, food, social security, which are undoubtedly key elements to ensuring quality of life among the population, together with a basic floor of well-being.

“That is and will remain this government’s top priority: ensuring that this does not slow down, but that we move forward instead,” he said. “We are doing this in the issue of health and on other common fronts, where we are seeking to create a basic floor of well-being for the entire population,” he said.

President Peña Nieto said that so far this administration, “Significant investments have been made in health, in addition to what the government of each state has been doing.”

"The government has made investments of 34 billion pesos. They are major investments that have enabled us to build or modernize 580 hospital units and 2,800 outpatient units to ensure the health care demanded by the growing Mexican population,” he added.

The president said that the work inaugurated today, which required an investment of 800 million pesos, is part of the new integral Care Model that permits, “Better coordination of patient care from a health clinic, through an outpatient clinic to a general hospital.”

He stressed the importance of the fact that this new comprehensive care model has involved a sequence and the coordination of efforts, “To find out exactly how each of these patients has been treated and have their medical history and ensure they are offered higher quality health services.”

He announced that this new model is already operating as a pilot program in Hidalgo, Durango, Guanajuato and Yucatán.

After the inauguration, President Peña Nieto toured different areas of the General Hospital of Tulancingo, and had his photograph taken with the new hospital medical personnel. In the area of Obstetrics and Gynecology, a Mobile Inflatable Hospital was explained to him.


Health Secretary José Narro Robles said that health is one of the main priorities for President Enrique Peña Nieto’s government. "And today that statement is becoming a reality,” he said.

He said that today, apart from delivering a hospital, “What we are doing, I feel, is forging an alliance. An alliance between health workers, an alliance with the levels of government and an alliance in which community participation is fundamental ".

He reiterated the fact that, “We need joint coordination between all areas to achieve the ultimate goal set by the president: achieve better health, more years of life and better quality of life during those years.

He explained that through the coordination of the three levels of government, “With the commitment of health workers, and the active participation of the community, we are undoubtedly moving forward in the aim of achieving the inclusive Mexico our society deserves.”

"Through better health and more and better resources for its care, Mexico is alleviating poverty and inequality. Mexico is progressing through actions such as the one that has brought us together today,” he concluded.


Governor of the State of Hidalgo José Francisco Olvera Ruiz said that the hospital inaugurated today should have been completed many months ago, but that it is only thanks to the support and leadership of President Peña Nieto, “That we have been able to deliver it to society today."

He said it is only during the current administration that the resources of the Ministries of Health and Finance have been combined, as a result of which, “This work, apart from its technological aspects, reflects the sensitivity, determination and everyday efforts of the federal government.”

He explained that Tulancingo General Hospital will receive people from 15 municipalities in Hidalgo, as well as the Sierra Norte de Puebla, Tlaxcala, and part of Veracruz.

The governor of Hidalgo said that despite the volatile international financial environment, the president has decisively and firmly, “Enabled people to have more and better services in different areas, as a result of which his social policy has been a great success.” He pointed out that, “By joining forces, we managed to undertake more works and actions that improve our population’s quality of life.”


Veronica Arcega Santillán, a beneficiary of Tulancingo General Hospital, thanked President Enrique Peña Nieto for the work he inaugurated. She noted that, “Today, it has become clear that this great work will benefit the low-income population. The people of Hidalgo applaud your efforts.”

She acknowledged the care provided by doctors and nurses, who, despite her extremely delicate condition at one point, continued to provide her with medical care, which allowed her to overcome the emergency situation as a result of which she was admitted, after being in a coma and 14 surgeries.

“I would like to thank God who, at that time in my life, sent the right people, who had the wisdom, patience and love to continue treating me,” she said.