• The country’s armed forces are the pillar and foundation of the democratic institutions of our country and the backbone of institutional Mexico, he declared.

Earlier today, for the second year running, President Enrique Peña Nieto socialized with members of the Armed Forces who participated in the military parade commemorating the anniversary of Mexican Independence.

In the installations in Military Camp No. 1, the president told members of the Armed Forces that their everyday work, “Is promoting and making a major contribution to the transformation and prosperity of our country”.

He declared that the country’s armed forces are the, “Pillar and foundation of the democratic institutions of our country and the backbone of institutional Mexico”.

At the event, the president said: ”The president, your supreme commander and colleague, who is chatting with you today, is extremely excited to be with you and to feel part of the group in these installations”.

He noted that, “People rarely mention the good things that happen every day, but they count for a lot. They change the life histories of many Mexicans, many people, who feel that members of our armed forces are close to them throughout the country.  They acknowledge  and appreciate the fact that this presence and proximity enables them to build a successful life story”.

He said that Mexico is proud of its armed forces, “It acknowledges them and is grateful for their contribution to the development and prosperity of our nation”.

After thanking the Armed Forces for their everyday commitment on behalf of Mexican society, the president asked them to: ”Redouble their efforts, and to march forward in their daily tasks throughout the country, to continue forging a nation, to continue building a better nation of which we can feel prouder every day”.

“You should feel justifiably proud of the fact that your everyday work supports the country’s democratic institutions, and the Mexican state, which is also giving the best of itself to drive change and, above all, promote well-being and prosperity for Mexican society,” he declared.

He urged them to feel, “Proud of a Mexico that is being transformed, and driving a sweeping change so that future generations will have better quality education. A sweeping change so that Mexico continues to consolidate and improve its infrastructure. A more competitive Mexico which, proud of its great diversity, will be able to project the best of itself to the whole world. A Mexico that is recognized, beyond our borders, for this ability to change and transform which we are achieving in various areas of our country’s economic and social life”.

During the event, the president received a commemorative bank note and launched the National Lottery’s Major Draw to mark the 206th anniversary of Mexican Independence.


General Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA), said that in the armed forces, “Teamwork has produced good results. We have acted in this way and will continue to do so for the sake of the nation, because together, we constitute the great strength of Mexico”.

“A person who joins an effort does the right thing,” added the Defense, who noted that the Mexican Navy, Army and Air Force, “Are a single, efficient and effective entity, which will continue to participate jointly with society and governments, for the well-being of their fellow citizens”.

He thanked President Peña Nieto for visiting Military Camp Number 1 to socialize with members of the army, navy and air force who participated in the military parade commemorating the 206th anniversary of the start of Independence.

“This gesture is an action that boosts the morale of your troops and motivates us to continue performing our work across the country with passion and commitment. We confirm our loyalty with honor, and our firm commitment to remaining the basis of the nation’s integrity, independence and sovereignty”, he said.

During the event with President Peña Nieto, other members of the Armed Forces thanked the president for his presence and the government’s support of the Armed Forces, as well as his reinforcement of the Military Education System.